Monday, February 6, 2012

Francesco Viscuso

Francesco Viscuso, born in Catania (Sicily) in November 1980, lives and works in Rome. He graduated from Art Institute in Catania - Architectural Design - and degreed in Art Criticism at the University of Rome "La Sapienza". His art ranges from the fields of painting to installation and video, however is the photography his main medium. The main themes of his work are Time, Memory and Trauma. Drama and Social Criticism are delved in his work into the Question of its relationship with Being in the World. Photography - and more generally the image itself - isn't for him the possibility of a contact with an alleged external reality, but rather "the Light of Mind, terribly Upset."

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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Karlie Kloss

Discovered at the tender bud age of 14 Amercian Karlie Kloss has gone on to become one of the leading faces in the new generation of supermodels. With alienation symmetry her look can sway so easily between the boundaries of fresh faced American teen, to sultry queen. My girlo of the moment. 

Wowza to the work of... Jogi Kogima.

Only born in the not so long ago year of 1987, Jogi Kogima a Californian native has carved out a lovely large crevice in the career road to success for himself. Having previously worked under Yoshiko Creation Paris he was been working under his own name label since 2010, beforehand having previously designed under his old label 'Hotel Gluttony'. He is now based in Tokoyo and can count Lady Gaga as one of his bessie fans.

Lana Del new girl crush.

Lana Del Ray is my latest GIRL CRUSH <3 Real name Elizabeth Grant, her stage name is a combination of the late old Hollywood actress Lana Turner and the Ford Del Ray, her stage name roots reverberate the fact that she was blessed with that old-school spellbinding voice, that haunts our ears of audio memories of a time gone before. She manages to seamlessly and effortlessly blend old school Hollywood glamour with an  urban girl next door demeanor. LOVE.

Friday, April 22, 2011

Cai Guo-Qiang

Cai Guo-Qiang is a Chinese artist born in 1957, who since 1995 has been based in New York. Trained in stage design at the Shanghai Theater Academy, his work has since crossed multiple mediums within art, including drawing, installation, video and performance art. His work is not actually taxidermy, in fact the wolves are made from sheep skins. The installation 'Head On' displays these 'wolves' in a gallery setting, taken out of their farmiliar settings, this creatures become awe inspiring.

From Cai’s website:
With few wolves scattered in the front gallery, all ninety-nine wolves run, gallop, and jump toward the far end of the exhibition hall, where a wall stands. The bravery of the wolves is met head on by the unyielding wall. As the leading wolves go down, many more follow with force and determination. As those in the front fall and pile up, those behind take up their positions.

“Entering the tiger room, you see the violent act—tigers with arrows pierced into their bodies and there’s a very visceral response. Even though it’s completely fake, the tigers are so realistically made that the audience feels pain when they see the them. "

Saturday, April 2, 2011

The work of David R. Harper

David's work marries the art of taxidermy and embroidery.
 He questions the relationship between animal and hunter, aswell as our innate desire to bring nature into our man-made domains. He describes taxidermy as a "form of doll-making" which describes the "collision between the natural and artificial worlds" and as representational of the "loss of the natural world".

Junya Watanabe

Junya Watanabe is a Japanese designer, originally found through the Comme des Garcons label.
Now internationally recognised in his own right, the power of his work speaks for itself, from his innovative and distinct designs to his unique collection moods. He is extremely interested in technologically advanced textiles, pushing new boundaries through his use of materials.