Monday, November 29, 2010

A Christian Dior Christmas tree?

John Galliano has designed and decorated a Christmas tree for the lobby of Claridges hotel in London to mark the opening of Dior's new London boutique in New Bond Street. Galliano’s creation is a world away from your typical evergreen Christmas tree— it’s a dreamy, underwater sculpture filled with giant seahorses, jellyfish, silver leaves and brightly colored coral. Galliano's work with Dior may force him to be based in Paris, but he is, after all, a Commander of the British Empire.  

"I wanted to create an underwater fantasy and have mixed pink corals, seahorses, anemones and jellyfish, all glinting like gem stones, swimming amidst the silver leaves. I hope we create something as sumptuous as its setting and this inspires a truly luxurious escape and a very festive season at Claridge’s."

The John Galliano for Dior Christmas tree will be on display in Claridge’s lobby in London from now until early January. Book yourself a beautiful art deco room at the hotel or reserve a table at Gordon Ramsay's restaurant within Claridges hotel. Dishes like the roasted rack of English rose veal and lasagne of rabbit are guaranteed to delight the palate.

When Galliano decorated the Claridge’s tree last year, he put a blue leopard on it, so we shouldn’t have expected anything traditional. 

 Would you like it in your living room?


Nominees for British Fashion & Accessory Design Awards 2010 unveiled.

The British Fashion & Accessory Design Awards are scheluded for December 7th 2010.
There is an abudance of great talent involved from bigger labels to up-and-coming designers.
Heres a list of some of my favourite nominees..
Camilla Skovgaard

Husam el Odeh

                                                                  Jessica Mc Cormack

                                                                  Michael van der Ham


Loving these images from Kling's amazing collections.

Klings manifesto could do us all the world of good:

"Follow those things that you truly believe in, those things that have this incredible power to drive yourself beyond where you always thought. It`s time to walk ahead and reach this that you always had in your head.
It`s time to go, it`s time to find your own star."

Check out to get your hands on some of this loveliness.

Lee Paton

London designer Lee Paton is emerging as a new gem on the fashion scene. Ascending via the London College of Fashion and Alexander McQueen.

Lee Paton Established a high-end brand identity based on his fondness for great British eccentricities and his own family heritage. Paton uses historic techniques and discovered a strong client base in wearable taxidermy almost accidentally when working on a collection inspired by Victorian obsessions. This led him to a 14th century tower in Scotland where he learned the craft of taxidermy professionally under the tutelage of renowned taxidermist George Jamieson. "I really appreciate the Victorian sentimentality for preserving something beautiful for future generations to appreciate and to remember us" says Paton, "whether that memento is a garment or even something a touch more individual".

 Lee Paton presents his collections each season during London Fashion Week in addition to working on a recently acquired historic label soon to be announced and other selected projects.

"The Fashion industry has signalled a new star…
Lee Paton is the one to watch” - Absolute Magazine.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Greatness Combined

Philip Treacy and Shaune Leane are both amazing in there own right, to see these two minds collaborate is genius. The pair worked together for Swarovski haute couture collection 'Runway Rocks'.

This 'Bird’s Nest Headdress'combines a cast silver nest and real feathers, with topaz and quartz covered eggs.

Check out the other great work created by the selection of designers in this outstanding collection

Treacy and Leane's pieces were also part of the runway at Mc Queens A/W 06/7 collection.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Dai Rees

Swarovski Crystals & Sheep Pelvis

Dai Rees is a man of many talents..having been a ceramicist, a welder and a milliner. He has a skillfull creative eye which is clearly visible in his outstanding work. His big break came creating accesories for the late Alexander Mc Queen. He is currently a professor at the London College of Fashion.

The Fabulous work of Carianne Moore


Carianne Moore is a London based accesories brand that came from humble beginings back in 2006, from couple Mike Harding & Carianne Moore. The pieces are highly indivdual and futuristic while retaining classical craftmanship and style. I adore there work, and want one of everything please..

Check out for more info.

Chooooons of the Day

These make me happy, lets spread the love.

Atlas Sound...

Here We Go Magic..

Pretty Flowers

Some Images I took the other day, I love them because they look kinda like wilting lilies...
But are in fact part of a jewellery piece I`m working on at the moment,
 theyre actually tiny little mouse jaw bones, so pretty!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

The Idiots

Check out these dutch collobrative artists/designers.
These guys do amazing things from jewellery to houseware.
Would personally love this little wonder in my living room, any one wana donate?

Fashion or Faux pas?

A continuation of the animal trend...likey or no likey..?
Art Fashion or Death token or both?

Reid Peppard

In love with this lovely little ladies work, can i have some please?
Although some of you may not find it as tasty as I do...


Wooooo first blog post!
To celebrate lets spread some good tunage...