Monday, November 29, 2010

Lee Paton

London designer Lee Paton is emerging as a new gem on the fashion scene. Ascending via the London College of Fashion and Alexander McQueen.

Lee Paton Established a high-end brand identity based on his fondness for great British eccentricities and his own family heritage. Paton uses historic techniques and discovered a strong client base in wearable taxidermy almost accidentally when working on a collection inspired by Victorian obsessions. This led him to a 14th century tower in Scotland where he learned the craft of taxidermy professionally under the tutelage of renowned taxidermist George Jamieson. "I really appreciate the Victorian sentimentality for preserving something beautiful for future generations to appreciate and to remember us" says Paton, "whether that memento is a garment or even something a touch more individual".

 Lee Paton presents his collections each season during London Fashion Week in addition to working on a recently acquired historic label soon to be announced and other selected projects.

"The Fashion industry has signalled a new star…
Lee Paton is the one to watch” - Absolute Magazine.

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