Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Karlie Kloss

Discovered at the tender bud age of 14 Amercian Karlie Kloss has gone on to become one of the leading faces in the new generation of supermodels. With alienation symmetry her look can sway so easily between the boundaries of fresh faced American teen, to sultry queen. My girlo of the moment. 

Wowza to the work of... Jogi Kogima.

Only born in the not so long ago year of 1987, Jogi Kogima a Californian native has carved out a lovely large crevice in the career road to success for himself. Having previously worked under Yoshiko Creation Paris he was been working under his own name label since 2010, beforehand having previously designed under his old label 'Hotel Gluttony'. He is now based in Tokoyo and can count Lady Gaga as one of his bessie fans.

Lana Del Ray..my new girl crush.

Lana Del Ray is my latest GIRL CRUSH <3 Real name Elizabeth Grant, her stage name is a combination of the late old Hollywood actress Lana Turner and the Ford Del Ray, her stage name roots reverberate the fact that she was blessed with that old-school spellbinding voice, that haunts our ears of audio memories of a time gone before. She manages to seamlessly and effortlessly blend old school Hollywood glamour with an  urban girl next door demeanor. LOVE.