Monday, December 20, 2010

Arielle de Pinto

Arielle de Pinto is a Canadian designer. Merging the borders between art and fashion, exhibiting works for museums and galleries as well as for fashion editorials and video shoots. Now in her third year De Pinto's work has been seen in Dazed and Confused, i-D and Vogue among others.
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Monday, December 6, 2010

Nobuyoshi Araki

Loving the work of photographer Nobuyoshi Araki,
 more so known for his agressive nudes, above he shoots Lady GaGa for Japanese Vogue.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Alessandra Ambrosio by Will Davidson

Absolutely loving these images of model Allesandra Ambrosio by photographer Will Davidson for Ruush magazine.The model poses as a wandering vagrant in the streets of New York, the story captures the homeless fashionista as she dons a wardrobe of this season’s most airy garments styled by Stevie Dance. Topped off with a messy hairdo and a heavy coat, Alessandra is lost amid a world of chaos and isolation in Will Davidson's hauntingly beautiful story.

Norwegian Wood

Norwegian Wood is a unique eclectic deisgn label based in Canada.
With each piece painstakingly handmade to order, we can definitely feel the love.

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Friday, December 3, 2010


Schipper/Arques is a highly conceptual Belgian label, 
the brain child of Boris Schipper and Tomas Pedrosa Arques.

The duo's pieces are one of a kind. Their artistic styling is entrancing.
Their clothing is more than fashion, with stories and videos detailing the inspiration of collections.

 For S/S 2011, they have found a rather confused and deranged muse. Escaping her repressed upbringing, their heroine runs away from her family at the Debutante Ball. As she liberates herself from her constricting clothes and padlocked, chastity corset, she experiences feelings of joy and alienation. Her embroidered face mask is one of the first things to go during her escape.

Go to to watch their amazing teaser video for S/S11.

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Thursday, December 2, 2010

The Great Work of Fannie Schiavoni

Fannie Schiavoni, originallly from Sweden but now London based is an accesory designer who has worked alongside the likes of Hussein Chalayan, Giles Deacon, Dolce & Gabanna and Julien Mc Donald. Schiavoni`s artistic background originally came from tailoring and this attention to detail and craftmanship is highly visible in her handmade pieces.Rihanna, Dakota Fanning and Lady GaGa can be noted as her fans.

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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Ear Cuffs... Love or Hate?

Anni Jurgenson

Alexander Wang

Han Cholo x Lovemade

Ear Cuffs seem to be the new fresh thing, popping up everywhere recently.
Clipped to side of the ear or dangling from the top, ear sculpture seems to be it for the super stylish.
From Alexander Wand to Husam del Odeh for Acne, designers are all picking up on the trend.

Husam el Odeh

Pamela Love


Pamela Love is a New York based jewellery designer, who has taken many by storm.
She had a big presence on the runway, working with designers Zac Posen, Vigal, Twenty8Twelve, Marchesa and Frank Tell. Her works deal alot with claws and skulls, and with classical gothic imagery, while still retaining a fine beauty.

"I never liked jewelry growing up. My mom was a very feminine woman and she wore hearts and pink stones, but I was always sort of a tomboy. For me, the appeal is being able to wear jewelry but not having it be prissy."

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